Our Story

No Rules Wallpaper With Unique Results

Traditional wallpaper is a top to bottom repeat pattern, making it tricky to match up with offcuts causing waste. Our solution? Modular wallpapers that match anywhere.

Our innovative wallpapers have been intentionally designed to not repeat. All parts of the roll work together to form a seamless wall covering. There is no right or wrong way to apply it. Top to bottom, left to right, the choice is yours. Our modular wallpaper gives you complete freedom, with unique results every time.




Uncovering Hidden Gems

All our designs are tailor made, conveying the mood and feeling of a space by uncovering hidden gems. Inspiration can come from a dramatic landscape or a meaningful conversation. Each piece begins on paper, drawing shapes, details and textures we find inspiring. We explore composition, pattern and colour to create unique wallpaper for your interiors.




All of our wallpapers are no match, resulting in no offcuts. If you have any left over, these can be used in alcoves or shelves, or framed! Our wallpapers are FSC approved and we only use eco friendly inks. Plus, for every roll of wallpaper sold we plant one tree in the Scottish highlands with Trees For Life.



Our Design Team

Behind the scenes of No Rules Wallpaper is design studio Bespoke Atelier. For the past 10 years we have been blending the worlds of art and architecture, inventing unique patterns to enhance interiors, products and buildings. Founders Marion Parola and Yvonne Elliott-Kellighan’s passion for bold graphic prints and a playful curiosity of materials are the foundations of the studio. Our specialist design team work across a variety of sustainable surfaces to transform any space into an uplifting escape.