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Want help to visualise your new space? Wondering what colours and shapes will compliment your furnishings? Our new consultancy appointments will offer you the chance to see your room with up to three wallpapers, thanks to our in-house design team. 

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How it works

Book your session

After you book your session, you will receive an email from us containing a link to schedule your booking. You'll need access to a mobile phone or computer with video calling (for example, WhatsApp or Zoom) for the consultancy.

You will also need to send us a photo of the space that you would like wallpapered - it will look best with a face-on angle taken during the day with minimal clutter and clear walls. Simply send us a photo in JPEG format. The maximum recommended size is 5MB.


Our client Lynsey sent us a photo of her upstairs bedroom.

Discuss your requirements

Enjoy your first 30 minute call where we will chat about the wallpapers, your property, the rooms, the light, furnishings, and your personal likes and dislikes. Every little detail matters!



Receive your visuals

Our design team will visualise the three selected wallpapers onto the photo of your interior so you can really picture the space with our wallcoverings installed. We will explain during a second 30 minute call how the three designs work within the space and give you advice on picking the best choice, giving you lots of tips on colours, lighting, paint options and furnishings. We will take into account everything discussed during the meeting, so you can rest assured that you're making the right decision!



Head over to our shop to book your consultation and upon completion benefit from 20% off your first wallpaper order!

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Where to find us

We're stocked across a range of showrooms where you can find sample binders showcasing our full product range and some feature wall installations to experience our designs in person.

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Holiday Inn Hotel, London Heathrow

Working with London based design company Studio Mica, we created a mural like booth area for a restaurant at the newly built Holiday Inn at London Heathrow. Jungle and Reflections wallpapers in Dawn create a memorable dining experience with a vibrant, fresh atmosphere. The non match concept allowed us to combine designs to create a truly unique, dynamic space.

Client Comments

“Bespoke Atelier's unique and bold wall coverings worked perfectly with our design for the front of house interiors at Holiday Inn Heathrow. The scale of their designs and organic abstract patterns enabled us to create an interior and ambience that has proved ideal for eating and drinking in a large scale and unusual atrium piazza at Hi Pizza restaurant and bar. We loved the random concept of the design and that it was available in a vinyl finish that met the fire classification required.”